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Coverage was an installation of my work at a temporary space in Seattle.

If you look at the magic eye poster on the back wall, an illusion of a 3D Statue of Liberty and the Twin Towers will appear. The way a Magic Eye works (in case you aren’t familiar) is by repeating a horizontal pattern over and over again in a way that differs slightly with each repetition. Through systematic use of repetition, patterning, and variation, the illusion of depth and dimensionality appear. This way of creating an illusion is strangely illustrative of the way that mass media coverage gives a very distant event a sense of dimensionality. As a story about an event circulates through NYT editorials, Fox News, AM Talk Radio, NPR, Al Jazeera, etc., the details shift and change but the structure of the story stays the same, revealing new and different details and casting the event into relief. Further, the degree of dimensionality that is created through mass media coverage, reveals something about the complexity (or lack-thereof) of the culture that consumes it.

This absurd observation about the construction of magic eyes was the departure point for designing all the other objects in the room. They started as loose explorations of industrially manufactured patterns and oblique narrative structures and in the course of becoming props to fill out this exhibition, have turned into something else entirely.