Anonymous Address
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This curatorial project I organized with PICE Gallery led to the exhibition of a group of anonymous works from a large group of artists at the now defunct lucky lodge in Seattle, WA. The only stipulations for participating were that the work be exhibited anonymously and that it be nothing people are publicly recognized for doing.

Anonymity is an opportunity to consider artistic practices – the substance and meaning of praxis and theory – outside of any pretext of commercial viability or reputation.

It is also the only thing we were able to offer artists in exchange for their participation.

Participants were invited to approach anonymity as a theme or subject, as a meditation on celebrity, anonymity, privacy, etc.. But it wasn’t necessary to engage with any of the those ideas.

As far as we know, there are around eight participants that cover a spectrum of artistic involvement. Some of the work comes from commercially established and represented artists with works in collections such as the Seattle Art Museum, the Portland Art Museum and the Brooklyn Art Museum, alongside some that don’t consider themselves to be artists and have never been represented, but were willing to participate anyway.

There could be tension here.