Samuel Wildman (b.1986)
Someone took a second look at a petri dish that had accidentally been left out by a window overnight. It had grown mold like the kind that appears in your coffee cup when you leave it in the studio too long. Someone looked at it and did not throw it away. Then, a couple days later, they looked at it a third time–it had even more mold, and it had started to smell–and they made a formal inquiry as to the mold’s shape and size, and the particular purplish plume of its spores, and discovered what would become penicillin. As a reader, writer, and an artist, I am devoted to the practice of looking thrice, and leaving-out-by-windows. Since my latch-key-kid days in public school, finding things to be interested in, and engaging with things–both sacred and profane–shaped who I am. While I now roam through texts and histories; and things like outmoded skills and buildings with structural issues; as well as the backstreet alleys and public parks of my childhood; the desire to find some kind of form lurking in the lyrics of a pop song, or the labeling on a soda can, and examine it, is not only irresistible but necessary. I believe that the stories, spaces, and objects available to us often conceal valuable forms that can be powerful and dangerous: these forms, scattered throughout the world, are communicative tools that carry evidence of intention and influence–they are the fingerprints of power. My practice is built around searching for these forms, independently and collaboratively, and working towards their articulation and visibility.



Rhode Island School of Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sculpture | 2009

Upcoming Exhibitions

Facebook | Permanent Installation in Seattle Office | 2019

Selected Exhibitions

from underneath | Oxbow | Seattle | 2018
1(800) Dial-an-Old-Friend |Assembly @ Portland City Hall | Portland, OR | 2018
Anonymous Address |Lucky Lodge | Seattle, WA | 2018
Coverage | Lucky Lodge | Seattle, WA | 2018
Spaceness2018 | Seaview, WA | 2018
Tables Turned | PataPDX | Portland, OR | 2017
We are a Crowd of Others| Mad Art | Seattle, WA | 2016
Portland2016 Biennial | Disjecta | Portland, OR | 2016
Wieden+Kennedy | Portland, OR | 2016
Good Neighbor | Hedreen Space | Seattle, WA | 2015
Park | Organic Produce | Seattle, WA | August 2015
Recess presents: Move Out | Portland, OR | May 2015
Xenia | Airbnb Show | Seattle, WA | March-May 2015
Image Not Available | hosted by L x W x H Gallery | Seattle, WA | January 2015
Angle of Repose | Boise Art Museum | Boise, ID | July 2014
First Hill Art Interruptions Sponsored by SDOT | Seattle, WA | August 2014
NEPO 5K | Seattle, WA | September 2014
Like | The Davidson Galleries | Seattle, WA | 2013
Inner Cadences | The Chicken Coop | Seattle, WA | 2013
A Corpse Will Travel By Express | CMD P | Seattle, WA | 2013
Everyman | Pratt Gallery at Tashiro Kaplan Studios | Seattle, WA | Oct. 2012
Bean | Francine Seders Gallery | Seattle, WA | 2010

Selected Presentations and Lectures

Studio Visit on Free Form Portland| 2017 | Portland, OR
The New Foundation | December 2014 | Seattle, WA
Seattle Pacific University | September 2010 | Seattle, WA
RISD | April 2009 | Providence, RI